Preparation of budgets and project financial statements
Preparation of operating cost statements and billings to tenants
Project accounting
Insurance administration
Annual review of realty tax assessments and submission of realty tax appeals as deemed appropriate after seeking professional advice
Regulatory reporting, including provincial securities commissions, real estate brokers act reporting and income tax returns, as required
Development and implementation of policies and procedures
Payroll and benefits administration
Personnel recruitment, training, evaluation and termination
Marketing initiatives, including advertising in various media, development of initiatives to improve curb appeal, as well as strategic installation of professionally designed building identification signs
Negotiation of Leases and communication with Real Estate Brokers and Agents
Planning, subcontracting and supervision of tenant leasehold improvements and building expansion, as required
Rent collections
Preparation and negotiation of proposals with respect to mortgage loan financing
Development and implementation of energy management and preventative maintenance programs


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